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I've been cross stitching since I was a little girl, as both of my Grandmother's were passionate about it! I originally had this blog to enter some card making challenges and now intend to use it to keep track of my cross stitching stash and finishes.....

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Flower of the Month

And it's finished.  Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post.  I took Jo and Brigitte's advice and added some back stitching to the bottom flower.  It does look better in real life, so thank you ladies!

The card is going to be for my aunt who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her's is very early stages so the prognosis is good and I'll send the card as a 'Thinking of You' card when she starts treatment.

Next flower for me is going to be the June flower, as my Mum wants it for a friend who has a birthday early June so I want to make sure I stitch it sooner rather than later!  So it's roses for me next.

Off to start stitching.

p.s I also realised that I ordered the wrong count material the other day.  I ordered 32 count for Santa's Village instead of 28 count for May Cottage so I had to do a new order yesterday and guess what?  A few more items made it on to the order list as well.  Wonder how that happened????


  1. Krásne ruže pre tetu, prajem jej skoré uzdravenie.

  2. The card looks lovely, I am sure your aunt will love it and appreciate the sentiment.

  3. So very lovely, your card. It will warm your aunt's heart.
    Hmmm, I know that ordering mystery, too, lol. Isn't it strange how some things just hop onto our lists?

  4. Very beautiful card
    You done a good job on it :)
    Your aunty will love it
    Look forward to see what you bought extra

  5. Your card is very beautiful!!:)

  6. Your card is so lovely it is inspiring me to think about making a card! Your aunt will love it.

  7. Ooohhhhh! Beautiful! I am stitching this series, too. Also added some backstitching and made a world of difference. Beautiful card!
    Too bad about the fabric. Well, may come in handy for another project.