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Friday, 20 February 2015

A difficult week!

It's been a difficult week, which has seen very little stitching and blogging being done.  My youngest dog had to have an operation, that turned out to be a lot bigger than anticipated and she has needed a lot of looking after!  24/7 attention has been called for to prevent her licking the wound, removing any staples, jumping, playing etc.  It has been a tough time and very little sleep has been had!!!  Older dog is also very put out at the attention number 2 is getting and is doing a lot of sulking!!!

Santa's Journey has had very little progress:-

Santa's Journey by Maria Diaz
As it has been difficult to stitch with a poorly Flatcoat sitting on your lap!

However, I have made progress on February's flower of the month SAL (photo to follow at the end of the month).  This has taken me a lot longer to stitch than I thought it would as I've been, a bit, all over the place with stitching it.  Usually, I'm quite methodical with my stitching - stitching in blocks or colour groups for example.  But for some reason, I've been stitching this very randomly!  I started in the middle, then did a bit bottom left, then top right, then back to the middle....  I blame worry over the dog....  

Oh well back to the stitching!

Take care x

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