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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Migraines stop stitching progress!

I hate suffering from migraines!!!! I've had them all my life and sometimes I can deal with them and sometimes, like recently, they just seem to take over and I can do nothing about it.  You would have thought that something calming like cross stitch would help, but unfortunately I get 'flashing lights' aura when the headache begins so I cannot concentrate on anything and have to walk around in very dark glasses as even the slightest light makes the pain worse.  I have been hardly able to do any stitching at all.  I pick things up, put in about ten stitches and then give up; it has been very frustrating.  I do have something to show though,  Look at what I found hiding away in the back of my Nana's wardrobe:-

I was looking for a Christmas picture that she used to put up (but as she's 90 now she doesn't bother), and I thought would love a chance at being displayed at my house.  Actually, I don't remember the Christmas picture but because of the one I'm stitching at the moment my Mum thought I'd like Nana's as well, so we went looking for it.  Well we found it, and my Nan casually mentioned that she'd stitched a partner for one of her Lanarte pictures that she'd never had framed and could we look for it..... We found this!!!!  She denies all knowledge of stitching it!!!!!  Now I know she must have done it about 15 to 20 years ago, but how can she forget all the work that went into this piece?  I know she's 90, but she is all there mentally - well I thought she was!!!   So I got it!!!  Which I love as the moment I saw it, it made me think about my Grandpa pottering about in the garden planting up his annual flowers in the spring time ready to plant out in the summer and that just make me smile.

After all the headaches, happy memories....

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  1. This is a stunning picture - what a lucky find! And I can totally relate to the not remembering bit: I sometimes see projects in magazines that I have to look at several times before it dawns on me that I`d stitched them - and I`m nowhere near 90! ;) I`m looking forward to seeing your progress on all your WIPs but especially on Santa`s Journey! xx